Dekalb County, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, loves future homeowners! And to prove this point, they put their money where their mouth is. How? Introducing WE DeKalb Downpayment Assistance Program, a fantastic incentive that will give you up to 5% of your mortgage amount to help pay closing costs. So, on a $100,000 home, that’s $5000. FREE. What’s even better, their VA loan limit is $417,000. So veterans can qualify for up to $20,000! The best part about WE Dekalb is that you do not have to pay it back. Ever!

Also, the processing time is super short unlike similar downpayment assistance programs like the state of Georgia’s GA Dream and the City of Atlanta’s Atlanta Affordable Homeownership Program, which usually make you wait 60 days before closing. Another great tidbit is that WE Dekalb is not just for first time homeowners. It’s ok if you’ve owned a home before. To take advantage of this awesome program, they only ask that you use one of their participating lenders to help you navigate the process. Here are a few more criteria to qualify for WE Dekalb Downpayment Assistance:

  1. Home must be a residential property in Dekalb County
  2. You must occupy the home—No Investors
  3. Minimum FICO score is 660
  4. Maximum qualifying Income is $81,900 for 2-member households and $95,600 for 3-member or more households
  5. FHA loan mortgage limit is $342,700 and VA loan mortgage limit is $417,000

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